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Winzcraft : Winzcraft's mission is turn “Trash to Treasure”.


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Winzcraft established by Hong Kong-based designer Winny Choi in 2013‭, ‬mainly produce light-weighted clay and wool felting accessories‭, ‬home-deco products‭.‬

In 2014‭, ‬Winny studied a design master course in Hong Kong‭, ‬her final project changed‭ ‬her mind on the creation‭. ‬Her project focus on reduce the‭ ‬“waste issue”‭ ‬of Hong Kong‭, ‬the solid waste issue in Hong Kong is very serious‭. ‬So Winny wants to‭ ‬make use of‭ ‬handcraft industry‭, ‬use the wasted material to produce some‭ ‬“upcycling products”.‭ ‬Thus‭, ‬to reduce the waste issue‭, ‬also create the‭ ‬economic‭ ‬value and society‭ ‬value though the‭ ‬“upcycling product”.

Winzcraft’s mission is to use the wasted material‭, ‬add up with Winzcraft’s creative idea‭, ‬to provide a valuable and useful up-cycling product‭. ‬Though the products‭ ‬to project the message‭ -‬‭ ‬“Trash to‭ ‬Treasure”.

Each piece is handmade‭.‬
Winzcraft also provides‭ ‬custom-made order‭ ‬services‭;‬‭ ‬all‭ ‬products‭ ‬can fit your taste and your needs‭. ‬



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