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The Jeremiah Tree Glass : Creator of One of a Kind Fossil Glass, Pieces of Nature Preserved Forever in Glass

The Jeremiah Tree Glass

Shop Details

Shop Description

When you buy from me, you are not just buying a piece of glass, but a piece of nature.
I create fossil glass, glass that contains a tiny plant that has been burned away until only the carbon imprint remains. All of the plants come from clippings and waste destined for the landfill. All scraps of glass are reused and are never thrown away.
Some of my glass comes from wine bottles, pop bottles, or other throw away glass.

In my little store you'll find jewellery, candleholders, magnets and other home decor. Everything is handmade by me in my little home studio.

Returns Policy

-Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me, and I will work with you to ensure a positive experience. Due to the high cost of shipping, I am unable to take returns. However, please message me and we can work together to find a solution.
- If you have any issues with your jewelry or other items, such as damage or breakage under circumstances of normal wear and tear, please message me and I will work with you to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction. Damage due to abnormal wear and tear, such as dropping a candleholder on a concrete floor, are the buyers responsibility.



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