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STRANGEdesign. : Design and Making, by Will Strange.


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My designs that take inspiration from the space capsules of science fiction and reality, cartoon UFOs and 'mid-century high-tech'. Cylindrical forms with glass cockpits, visible fixings, atomic and starburst styles...

I make lamps with a combination of re-cycled materials that would otherwise be wasted, and new parts that are 3d printed to form a connection between parts most efficiently. I find waste timber that can be used again to make the bodies of the lamps. Re-used glass jars enclose responsible, 3d printed, lamp-holders for energy efficient LEDs.

I avoid painted finishes, to reduce chemical use and the lamps are assembled with mechanical fixings, not glue, to make sure that lamps can be dismantled, ‘cradle to cradle’ style. My designs will not change the world by themselves but seek to illustrate how smaller scale production can produce genuinely individual items...

Please contact me if you have ideas for commissions or want to know more...



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