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Judged By A Books Cover : Coffee Sack Totes, Bags, Decor, Journals handcrafted from discarded materials sourced locally

Judged By A Books Cover

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Shop Description

Coffee Sack totes, Burlap handbags, Pillows, Journals and Decor.
Reclaimed Fabric Bags, Pillows, Journals and More.

Towards the end of 2015, I decided to expand my offering beyond journals and sketchbooks. While my love for bookbinding hasn't changed my shop focus is becoming more defined. I've fallen in love with discarded coffee sacks and abandoned fabric.

My new products will feature these magnificent findings.

At Judged By A Books Cover you'll find charming Burlap Totes, Bags & Decor', as well as accessories made from reclaimed fabrics.

I recently opened up all avenues for custom orders as well as wholesale order requests, so don't hesitate to contact me with questions about products.

Most of my items are one of a kind. I do have the ability to create similar items or short production runs of items in various colors.

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