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JJePa : Italy meets The Netherlands in handmade eco products for mode and home.


Shop Details

Shop Description

We create handmade products in wich Holland and Italy meet eachother.
Worked by pure, basic and most recyceld or re-used materials. In most products we try to put a piece of recycled fine Italian leather.
We show in our shop what we make to give an impression. We produce less, because every product is unique and handmade.
But don't hessitate to contact us to ask or we can make it again or special on your personal wishes.

Returns Policy

We ship all over the world, of course after we told you the exact price for shipping.
This shipping price you find in the cart. Or feel free to mail us to ask.
We ship without track and trace. If you want to have track and trace please let us know. The shipping is more expensive then, this has to be paid by the customer.

Please note: Any customs charges or local taxes are on the responsibility of the customer.



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