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Ianthe Frames : Ianthe Frames Upcycled Framed Art

Ianthe Frames

Shop Details

Shop Description

We create framed are from pre-loved frames and give disused materials a new lease of live. Our framed art is handmade from mostly recycled items, we love to recycle, upcycle and get crafty when creating our frames.

Keeping this in mind you'll probably notice little imperfections but that just means each is unique, the only one of its kind and we think these little imperfections show it was made with love.

We also love all kinds of animals and want to keep them safe and healthy, so for everything we sell we will donate 10% to an animal welfare charity - big hugs to the furry animals!

Returns Policy

If you are not happy with our work, of course let us know and we will aim to address problems quickly we are only happy when you are happy!



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