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A. Boettger Art : Giving Old Beat Up Vinyl Records a New Start as Decorative Bowls

A. Boettger Art

Shop Details

Shop Description

I take vinyl albums that have been discarded do to poor listening quality and turn them into decorative bowls that can be used as home decor. Each bowl is hand painted and folded by myself, and all vinyl Lps are purchased from my local record store here in Louisville Kentucky.

As a vinyl collector myself I love listening to music on vinyl. Some may ask then why are you destroying vinyl albums? All the albums I turn into bowls have either been discarded or have scratches and scuffs that greatly effect the listening quality of the album. Some albums with time are not as desirable anymore. Instead of them being discarded into the trash and a landfill, I hand paint them into faux wood grains and then fold them into multipurpose bowls that can be used in your home as decoration or functionally as a bowl to hold jewelry, candy, or fruit, along with many other things. As a music lover it also gives me a chance to discover and listen to albums that I have never heard of before.

Returns Policy

I am happy to offer a refund on all orders that are returned to me at the buyers cost within 14 days of purchase date.





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