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10PM Studio : Original Steampunk Jewelry and Accessories

10PM Studio

Shop Details

Shop Description

I have been designing, creating, and selling steampunk jewlery for 23 years. My watch pieces are taken apart by me from vintage pocketwatch and mecanical watches. You will notice that my jewelry is much more intricate than the average steampunk artist. I was one of five artists chosen to sell at the Museum of Art in the city of Cleveland,
All of my pieces are torch soldered whenever possible but I use a jeweler's glue to affix glass stones or such that cannot be fired.
I opened a shop downtown that also includes steampunk art from a variety of mediums from artists around town. I decided to try this site to promote my jewelry of course!

Returns Policy

returns accepted if item is not as described. Credit given instead of refunds excepting unusual circumstances.



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