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Getting to Know Kuttlefish

Kuttlefish sellers and contributors agree to abide by our Material Origin Promise (MOP).

The principal goal of Kuttlefish is to reduce waste and consumption by helping people find value in materials rather than throwing them "away." We achieve this by upcycling, recycling, repurposing, etc. We achieve this by inspiring each other to think outside the box with items and materials in our homes and businesses. We achieve this by creating a circular economy around materials, and buying and selling products that support this goal.

The most basic way to satisfy Kuttlefish's Material Origin Promise (MOP) is to make sure that at least 5% of the materials making your product were diverted from the landfill. We maintain this promise through your honesty and through community feedback. If you see something that doesn't appear to meet the MOP, send us a message via the "report product" link on the product page.

There are many terms related to upcycling that can be confusing, so here are some examples to help clarify:

● Labels that DO meet our MOP on their own: recycled, reclaimed, reused, salvaged, found object, off-cut, scrap.

Example: The ice rink that your child plays hockey at has a bunch of broken hockey sticks lying around, and you take them to make a bench. The Kuttlefish community WILL accept this bench. 

● Labels that MAY meet our MOP on their own: repurposed, refurbished, thrift, second-hand, pre-loved, antique, vintage.

This category depends on INTENT. Example: If you buy new pushpins to make a portrait without any mission related to materials and their value, the Kuttlefish community WILL NOT accept the portrait. If your mission in making this portrait is to inspire others to think about the pushpin material in a new way and your aims align with Kuttlefish's aims, then the Kuttlefish community is happy to accept it.

● Labels that DO NOT meet our MOP on their own: repaint, refinish, resell, repackage.

Example: If you are repainting a dresser to make it look nicer, but otherwise, the dresser is perfectly functional, then the Kuttlefish community WILL NOT accept it. However, if your dresser is old and unusable, but you repair and repaint it so it can be used again, then the Kuttlefish community WILL accept it.

We want to keep it simple and clear, so when posting or selling an item, just ask yourself: am I reducing landfill myself or inspiring others to do so? If the answer is yes, you’re good to go!


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