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Getting to Know Kuttlefish


I already have another shop, why should I open one on Kuttlefish?


You earn more. Kuttlefish charges a 3% transaction fee on sales and no listing fees. Other sites typically charge between 3.5% - 20% per transaction, as well as item listing fees. For more information, please check out our Seller Fees Policy.


In addition, your products benefit from the Kuttlefish brand and demographic. Our global brand appeals to a large population interested in buying products that reduce waste.


How do I sell more on Kuttlefish?


Kuttlefish sellers benefit from our brand and marketing efforts, but there are some simple steps you can take to get more visibility and sales. If you didn't receive our "Seller Tips" email after you opened your shop, please let us know: support@kuttlefish.com.


Is opening a shop really free?


Yes, it is completely free to open a shop on Kuttlefish. Please see our Seller Fees Policy for more details.


What can’t I sell in my shop?


We welcome any products that support the Kuttlefish mission of reducing waste by identifying value in used materials. Generally, any product made with 100% new materials does not fulfill our requirements. Please see our Materials Origin Promise for more details.


Do I need to be based in the United States to open a shop?


No, we are a global company. You can open a shop from anywhere around the globe as long as you have adequate shipping options.


What features does a shop on Kuttlefish offer me?


● Quick and easy design

● Set up and launch in minutes

● Secure financial transactions

● Access to a global community looking for products like yours.

● Unlimited product uploads

● Pre-set shipping options

● No programming knowledge required


Who packages and mails my items for me?


All of your items stay with you until a customer orders them; then you package and ship them.


Who handles the cost of shipping?


Each seller is responsible for calculating the cost of shipping. For more information, check out our Shipping Policy and our tips on Calculating Product Price.


What about taxes?


Taxes on sales differ from country to country and also within countries. For example, in the United States, sellers pay a sales tax (usually passing it on to the consumer) for all items sold within the state they do business in but not for items sold in another state. However, some states impose a "self-reported use tax" which is due from the buyer.


Sellers are responsible for knowing and paying any taxes required of their business. Kuttlefish recommends factoring any expected tax costs into the cost of the item.


How many products can I list in my shop?


You can list an unlimited number of products in your shop.


Can I have more than one shop?


Each shop on Kuttlefish is associated with an individual user account, and each user account is associated with a separate email address. Sellers on Kuttlefish are allowed to maintain a maximum of three shops.


Can I promote my shop?


We encourage you to promote your shop as much as you can on your social media pages, blogs, personal webpages, etc.


How do I get paid when I sell something in my shop?


When you open a shop on Kuttlefish, you are required to set up your Payment Options. For sellers with a US bank account, Kuttlefish offers two options to receive payment, either via PayPal or direct deposit. For sellers without a US bank account, Kuttlefish only offers the PayPal option to receive payment


Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details.


How to I deactivate an item?


If you want to deactivate an item, you have two options: 1. Go to your "My Stuff" page and click "Inactive" for the item you wish to deactivate. 2. Edit your item and reduce the quantity to '0' - only items with a quantity greater than '0' display on the site.


I want to deactivate my shop--how do I do that?


If you want to deactivate your shop, you can either change each product's status to "inactive" or reduce the quantity of each product to zero. This will ensure your products are no longer visible in the marketplace. Your products will still be visible to you and your settings will be preserved in case you decide to reopen your shop at a later date.


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