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Getting to Know Kuttlefish

We created these simple guidelines to ensure that Kuttlefish is a fun, safe and productive community. By using Kuttlefish, you agree to these guidelines and understand that failure to do so may result in deleted content or disabled accounts.

Keep it authentic

As a rule of thumb, if your contribution isn’t reducing landfill or inspiring others to do so, it isn't appropriate for Kuttlefish. Please see our Material Origin Promise for additional details.

Respect intellectual property

Respect all forms of intellectual property, such as other people's patents, copyrights and trademarks. This is simple: always give credit when sharing somebody else's photos. If you find photos on the internet, you can use our easy photo grab tool to upload and share them with the appropriate citation.

No spam

In general, contributions whose primary purpose is to redirect users to another website are not allowed. Don't create posts with misleading descriptions, tags, titles or photos in order to drive traffic to another site. It's also not okay to post large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.

No adult content

Kuttlefish is not for pornography, sexually explicit content or nudity. If this describes your contribution, don't put it on Kuttlefish. When it is reported, it will be taken down.

Be nice

There may be content on Kuttlefish that you don't agree with or think is wrong. We ask that you express your opinions respectfully. We encourage friendly debate, but we will not permit hateful comments.

Respect privacy

Invasion of privacy rights or revealing other people's personal information is a violation of Kuttlefish's Privacy Policy. Anyone caught doing this may be permanently banned from Kuttlefish and, in some cases, reported to the proper authorities.

Report abuse

If you find content that violates Kuttlefish's Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, you have a responsibility to the community to report it. Please use either the “report” link on the posts or send us an email to support@kuttlefish.com.


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