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Getting to Know Kuttlefish


Kuttlefish will soon offer an easy-to-use pricing calculator that will help sellers determine a fair and profitable price for their products. In the meantime, we want to tell you the different components that will be in the calculator so you can include them in your product prices yourselves. Please see our Seller Fees Policy for further details on our seller fees. 


Material Costs


How much did you pay for the materials used to make your product?


Listing Fee


There are no listing fees on Kuttlefish. You will not be assessed any fees until you make a sale.


Payment Methods


Currently, Kuttlefish offers both Paypal and credit cards as payment methods. The seller is responsible for transaction fees associated with both Paypal and credit card transactions. If you want to pass these fees onto the buyer, don’t forget to factor them into you price.




All taxes (both international and domestic) are the responsibility of the seller. If you are required to pay taxes, please include them in your product price.




Once you have accounted for all of the above costs, figure out how much your time and energy was worth. Add that amount to your price.


Transaction Fee


Once you have your sale price, multiply it by 0.03 (3%) and include that 3% in your price.


Sold Item Fee


In addition to the listing fee, every product sold incurs a $0.50 sold item fee. Make sure to factor it into the price as well.




Shipping costs can be shown to the buyers during checkout or included in the product price and displayed as free shipping during checkout. If you wish to display no cost shipping, input zeros in the shipping fields but don’t forget to factor the shipping costs into your product price! Remember, if you include shipping in your sale price, do it before you calculate the transaction fee, which is a percentage of the total product price.




If your product is breakable, we recommend paying for insurance and wrapping it into your shipping costs.





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