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Whisky Barrel Stave Glass and Jug Set.

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This is a whisky flight made from a reclaimed oak barrel that was used to age a good Speyside malt whisky. It comes with four genuine Glencairn nosing glasses and a Glencairn water jug. The barrel hoops have been removed and polished then put back in place using pewter screws. This is a beautiful set and is a real showcase for presenting a dram to friends and family.

The Glencairn Glass is considered the definitive glass for Whisky, ideal for both Blenders and Whisky lovers. I also have an option where the glasses come with Glencairn Glass lids. These are a great way to get a different experience out of the glass. Pour your favourite whisky, put the lid on the top of the glass, wait at least 15 minutes, and you will be able to have a unique experience with both aroma and flavour.

Please note that all staves are different when sanded and polished so patterns may vary from that shown. Also there may be light banding in the wood, this is perfectly natural and is due to oak growing at different rates which in turn produces areas of different pore density. Unfortunately I can't accept returns based on pattern variation.
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I'm a lorry driver who delivers barrels into the Cooperages in Speyside for all the main distilleries. I noticed that a lot of old barrels were going to waste so decided I would do something to save them being burnt or going to landfill.

In the future I'll be purchasing a CNC router to carve Celtic patterns into the oak and to personalise gifts so watch this space!



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