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Whisky Barrel Drinks Cabinet

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This is a drink cabinet that has been created from a whisky cask that was used to age a Speyside single malt whisky in Scotland. Its been treated with acid to remove dirt and germs and then sanded with various grades of sandpaper to bring out a lovely finish. It has two shelves in it that have been made from the lids of other casks that couldn't be saved. The bands have been polished and held in place with pewter screws. Lights have been installed below the head and the middle shelf. Its been oiled with Danish oil to protect and feed the wood.

If you live in the Highlands or Island please contact me so I can arrange a  quote for courier costs. 
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Materials Reused

pewter screws danish oil steel oak

I'm a lorry driver who delivers barrels into the Cooperages in Speyside for all the main distilleries. I noticed that a lot of old barrels were going to waste so decided I would do something to save them being burnt or going to landfill.

In the future I'll be purchasing a CNC router to carve Celtic patterns into the oak and to personalise gifts so watch this space!



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