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Vintage Bottlecap Earrings - Mason's RootBeer / SunCrest Grape - Strawberry

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Vintage Bottlecaps earrings with added bead
SOLD Separately
Mason's Root Beer
SunCrest Imitation Grape
SunCrest Imitation Strawberry
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Vintage Bottlecaps

I'm a licensed architect in my country of origin, Brazil. I've worked as an architect in Colorado since emigrating from Brazil in 1997.

In Brazil, crime makes precious metals and gems dangerous to own and wear. This led me to appreciate things that weren't meant to be jewels, but possess their own particular beauty.

In 2009, I began making jewelry out of abandoned and disregarded objects. My work seeks to connect function and form, utilizing things I find while hiking in the mountains of Colorado. My husband, a native of Colorado Springs, is a lover of the wild, a hiker, and my best supplier of metal, scraps, and aged objects.

My designs combine a variety of media, depending on the inspiration I find in the objects I start with. The results are always unique and no two pieces are ever exactly the same. This shop features only original works.

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Marta Lacombe



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