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Upcycled - Ukraine Birch and Hawthorne Tea Canister

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Upcycled tea tin embellished with some Ukrainian wrapping paper I had kept as it is too beautiful to discard... against a background of birch trees and hawthorn, princesses and mythical birds inhabit the forest...

The tin has an inside lid to guarantee the freshness of the tea/coffee/spices/dried herbs.

It measures 4.75" by 2.5""
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glue paper tin

Isadoree Creations, by Isabelle Z, presents upcycled fashions and accessories.
All pieces are one of a kind.

I select garments that I hand adorn with added material according to a theme, beading, ribbons and jewelry accents.
My fashion accessories have all also been transformed and embellished: from mass produced items emerge totally unique, hand-crafted creations.
Similarly, I construct my jewelry around a focal piece that I recycle from its former use: a brooch become a pendant, a broken earring becomes a clasp etc...
Each piece is named and comes with its history card.
My fashion containers are entirely made with recycled products: the boxes and canisters had a previous use and were destined to be thrown out... I only allow myself to use recycled paper (catalogs, maps, wrapping papers) or discarded silk flowers to create my storage units.

Thank you for looking!
Give old things a lot of love, and a new life!!



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