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Upcycled decorated denim overalls by Isadoree - Medium

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Isadoree Creations presents upcycled fashions and accessories. All pieces are handmade.

Isadoree select garments that she hand adorns and embellishes, using fabric, beading, ribbons and jewelry accents. Isadoree also likes to circumvent the original intended use of an item and give it a brand new identity: a scarf becomes a belt for instance. She works within the framework of a particular theme, each theme being meaningful to her at a personal or aesthetic level.

Each piece has its own story and identity card. Here is Isadoree’s write-up for this piece:

Tutta Del Passato Overalls

I spent a lot of my teenage days in overalls; they were a cool alternative to disco polyester for the neo-hippies of the day. I wore mine with an old filigree pin found at the Portobello flea market, pinned on the bib, for a touch of Victorian Dandyism! So, when I saw those, I had to revisit the memory… these overalls have been adorned with 2 variations of the same type of Kenyan fabric, both variations on a very warm palette of bright orange and yellow. Some tassels and beads punctuate the rhythm of your walk. Multicolor beading on the legs, bib and back pockets. All the work (stitching and beading is entirely done by hand, without the use of any machinery, energy .... no pollution footprint and 100% recycled materials. The finished piece is a great multicultural wink to stylish comfort and earth-friendliness!

For the photos, I have added a large gold pin to add some fun and whimsy. THE PIN IS NOT INCLUDED... but you can accessorize with one of your own pins."
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Isadoree Creations, by Isabelle Z, presents upcycled fashions and accessories.
All pieces are one of a kind.

I select garments that I hand adorn with added material according to a theme, beading, ribbons and jewelry accents.
My fashion accessories have all also been transformed and embellished: from mass produced items emerge totally unique, hand-crafted creations.
Similarly, I construct my jewelry around a focal piece that I recycle from its former use: a brooch become a pendant, a broken earring becomes a clasp etc...
Each piece is named and comes with its history card.
My fashion containers are entirely made with recycled products: the boxes and canisters had a previous use and were destined to be thrown out... I only allow myself to use recycled paper (catalogs, maps, wrapping papers) or discarded silk flowers to create my storage units.

Thank you for looking!
Give old things a lot of love, and a new life!!



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