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Stunning heavyweight 'Rinjani' reclaimed teak coffee table. 90x70x30cm

Shop: Ombak Furniture
Owned by: ombakfurniture

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An Ombak signature product. This coffee table is low slung, heavy, and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for something different that will completely blow your mind then the Rinjani is the table for you. **IN STOCK**
Available in different sizes.
Ombak imports stunning reclaimed teak furniture direct from our Javanese workshop, offering a unique and beautiful product that supports and sustains rural Indonesian communities. All the furniture Ombak offers is made solely from reclaimed teak. Reclaimed teak is teak recycled from traditional buildings in Indonesia. Modernisation has seen many of the old style wooden buildings replaced with brick and mortar. The original buildings were built more than 100 years ago from solid teak, and it is this wood that is recycled to make Ombaks products. Reclaimed teak is truly a special material for furniture. -Stunning aesthetics from the natural grain. -Aesthetics are further enhanced by the previous use – infill, blocks, nail marks etc. -Teak is a hard-wood, rich in natural oils and renowned for durability– hence being used for centuries in shipbuilding. -Teak is naturally stain-resistant. -Reclaimed teak has been exposed to elements for many years. This not only gives a beautiful effect, it also ensures the wood has done all its natural movement before it is made into furniture. Ombak provides stunning reclaimed teak items for the home, which are also suitable for commercial use. Bespoke items are also available. See our other listings!
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