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Small repurposed blue jean shoulder bag (denim western desert colors)

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Repurposed blue jean shoulder bag that is perfect for those times when you just need to carry a few items and don't want a large, heavy bag. This bag is lined with a striped fabric that matches the dot design made on the front of the bag with Tulip fabric paint in a desert western design. The long shoulder strap is a denim jean seam. Bag has a velcro closure.

8 1/2" x 8" with 33" shoulder strap."
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I'm looking for gold in them thar mounds of trash.

Discards are my favorite raw material.. Any discards that spark an idea, or make an impression, are there for the taking. Who knows?....That trash might transform into paper beads, rag bags, trinkets, jewelry, organizers - whatever.

It's all thoroughly cleaned before working with it. Most items will be unique and will not be in multiple quantities - and there will always be something new.



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