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SKOAL Can 5 by Julie Ann Stricklin

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Skoal Can painted solid Black with Gold, Black & Silver dot pattern on lid, inside container, on sides and on bottom.

Sold Empty, but great for travel kits,sewing ki8ts,small emergency kit,beads,jewelry, change,small dog treats,candy,hair ties, gum,,ear bud case,travel teas bags,guitar picks,shells & treasures,memory sticks,herbs and travel seasoning...use your imagination and create a collection of natural objects and mail to a friend so they can make a natural mandala from the nature in your yard."
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PROTECT OUR LANDFILLS FROM POTENTIAL ART MATERIALS! Unique, One of a kind Art treasures created as a morning meditation by San Diego Illustrator, graphic designer & fine artist, Julie Ann Stricklin. Each treasure is designed from containers, rocks and any fabulous materials that should be re-purposed!
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