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  by:  Lidscapes

Screenprint Squeegee Coatrack

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This piece started as a large squeegee for screenprinting. I got it from an estate sale filled with fantastic finds and artifacts of a man who had devoted his life art and creativity. I have no doubt that this squeegee was involved in many a grand project in it's time, but it is now living on as a coatrack.
(I asked around to try and sell it for screenprinting, but it's past it's prim for that... that said, you could still use it like that if you wanted to....)

All major visible parts are vintage. The only new parts are the mounting hardware. on the back.
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My primary output is dioramas built into and around old tins, cigar boxes, pottery and found items from nature like seashells, driftwood, rocks and tree bark (all sustainably sourced)... But I also have a few other items that I've created from vintage finds that you might see for sale here.



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