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Repurposed Animal Feed Tote Bag - Horse Foal

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Comparable to a standard paper grocery sack in size, only with some terrific carrying handles! These totes are made from feed bags/pet food bags rescued from the trash and prepared for extended life as totes.

Styles are always changing. Often, we have many more designs as well. Feel free to email or call with any questions on availability or for the latest pdf of designs.

Want to resell in your brick and mortar store? Contact me for more information as we do offer wholesale pricing.

Shipping to a USA address is $2.50

We also offer the service turning your bags into totes. You may email a question or you may call me at 763-360-3962 with any questions. Thanks for your interest!

The double stitching of these bags means they will hold the load you want to carry. I used a similar bag (not the one in the picture :D) to carry 60 ears of corn (still in husk) and had no issues with handles breaking or coming loose.

Researching the design and subjecting them to heavy and unique loads means that these bags will hold up. I have altered the design several times to come up with this final version. Kids have tested all sorts of materials - even layering multiple rows of canned goods at higher weight than these bags are designed for and this design holds up well! While I won't guarantee you can't break these bags (kids have done it - usually with some sharp and pointed items), they are very durable."
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I grew up recycling/repurposing items, so it is something that has evolved over time. The feed bag totes I make would normally end up in a landfill, but with a bit of cleaning, removing the paper ends [which are recycled] and some sewing, these totes are wonderful.



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