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Fabago Ltd
  by:  fabagoltd

Rectangular coffee upcycled oil drum table

$185.66 USD    15 available

Approximately £139.99 GBP

How many?

As with most of our furniture, theses item have been upcycled from oil drums. Their handcrafted nature gives them a unique feel and the sophisticated glass top paints an image of elegance. Available colours include in red, blue and green.

Usual connotations of coffee item say they are for the living room. However, why limit yourself to indoors? These item would look beautiful outdoors on a summers day.

The coffee item weigh 15kg

The coffee item measure 88cm x 58cm x 45cm

The table’s glass top lies on rubber rests which allows for easy cleaning and the facility to remove the glass (if used outside). Please note, every item is slightly different due to being handcrafted and differences in wear on the oil drum."
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Here at Fabago, we specilise in re-worked oil drum furniture, with a difference. Our furniture is different as we let it tell the story, the drums are left with their original paintwork and not powder-coated.

We work closely with our craftsmen and help support their livelihoods and build a sustainable future



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