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Railroad Spike Wall Coat Rack - Used Wine Barrel Stave Wood and Railroad Ti

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Wall coat rack made from reclaimed Sonoma County wine barrel staves with old railroad tie spikes as hooks. A perfect blend of country, rustic, and urban wine culture. Great for indoor or outdoors.

The barrel stave (usually French Oak) wood is lightly sanded to remove rough edges. Railroad spikes are lightly sanded to remove rust, but the patina is left on the piece and the spike is sealed to ensure no staining. Imperfections are worked into the design to take advantage of the history of the metal and wood. Some pieces are lightly stained to add contrast and artistic elements. It has been sealed with a clear gloss finish to protect it and allow for easy cleaning.

• 3-5 railroad spikes as hooks
• About 32-36" wide and 4" inches tall at it's tallest (in the center). Height will stay approximately the same, length will vary slightly due to the nature of the wood.
• Staves bow outward naturally after months and years as part of a barrel, so the piece arches out and "floats" away from the wall in the center.
• Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
• Gloss polyurethane for a bright look and long-lasting finish
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I make things out of wood. I hope you like them.

I don't really make dainty things, I don't do a lot of ornamental things. I like clean cuts. I like old wood that looks dirty but feels clean. I like straight boards with deep woodgrain. I like knots and growth rings and old stains and bug holes and dings and marks and ink that has shown the life of a piece of wood.

I'm by no means an expert, but I love making things with my hands. I will always do my absolute best to produce something I can be proud of.

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, a little industrial, a little rustic, a little traditional, a little Scandinavian, a little farmhouse, a little American gothic, a little beachhouse, a little colonial, a lot eclectic.



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