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"Yellow House Bird"

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Made from vibrant paper collage, broken wire, metal bits, reclaimed wood and discarded hardware, this bird is up cycled perfection. Bright acyrlic paint gives some of the salvaged materials a fresh purpose. Balanced with rough hewed materials, the unusual combination highlights industry and art. The imperfection of all the objects used creates a graphic and interesting medley."
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One of a kind, unique art that is guided by the principles of making people happy and celebrating recycling as an art form. Each piece has a small, yet positive impact on the environment because it incorporates every day discarded items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. A variety of common materials are transformed into colorful, cheerful and uplifting creations. Nails, screws, metal, wood, tin, and various other items such as coat hangers and bottle caps are given a new life and center stage in my work.



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