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nerd floppy disk earrings geek computer vintage mp3 cover

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computer earrings

n.1 pair of cool and funny earrings

made with vintage floppy disk components

gift for hipster, her, teens, cool, geek, nerd, computer, video games lover, music lover, mp3 handy cover, cover phone, smartphone, informatic, techie, school, teacher, webmaster, blogger, christmas gift

recycled vintage floppy disk elements

repurposed upcycling

approximative misures

3.1x4.7 (1.22"x1.85")

weight 4.8 g

ooak every piece is unique

colors may change because of the monitors"
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jewelry, accesories, gift ideas made with sea glass, circuit parts, recycled copper, old magazine and book paper, recycled ribbons and bottle plastic



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