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Natural White Scarf, Knitted, Cable Pattern, Traditional,

$17.50 USD   Only 1 available

How many?

This bold, white scarf has been knit in the tradtional cable pattern. It easily wraps around al least three times!

Any special requests? Saskia and Henriette would love it to receive a message from you;

Thank you for visiting our Katinka Factory and supporting homemade and handmade and out green footprint!

Care Instructions: hand wash cold and lay flat to dry

Materials:wool blend.

Measures; 8.5” / 68" ."
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wool blend

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We are Henriette and Saskia, mother and daughter, and we live in the Netherlands, in the wonderful pittoresque city of Leiden.
The kick-off for KatinkaFactory did start in nove,ber 2015. Think of pillows, jewelry, purses and more. All upcycled and handmade, but there will be some vintage products as well. Get indulged and brighten up your day and your home with our beautiful products and our vibrant colors!

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