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Mood Bag

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A "progressive", ‪versatile‬ bag‬ (35x29 cm). It's left partially uncut and unbrushed so you can ‎reveal‬ more ‪pattern‬ and ‪colors‬ when you are in the ‪mood‬ for something different. As faux chenille technique requires minimum 5 to 8 layers of fabrics, the bag is not padded, only lined and has inner pockets.

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Every single one of our creations is a result of upcycling. We use raw, leftover materials to create thoughtful, one-of-a-kind products. From post-event banners to sackcloth bags, we pride ourselves in giving unwanted materials a new lease of life.

Nothing is mass-produced, so no two products are ever identical. We rely on sustainable methods and processes to obtain these raw materials, which are then transformed into eclectic bags, pouches, and soft home furnishings by our designers and local craftsmen.

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