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Mixed wood sawdust no chemicals multiple weight options SHIPPING INCLUDED!!

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I have this also listed on etsy and they allow for me to put pricing next to the weights that I offer but I don't think this site does so if you want more than one pound at a time that is no problem. Just message me with the weight that you would want to order and I will create a listing for you with that amount. The listing price will include shipping and fees and if you want an estimate of the price just take the base price I have for the pound and keep adding $1 for each additional pound. The actual price of shipping varies from 0.50 to $1.50 for each additional pound so that would be a good estimate if you want an idea of the price before messaging me. Please keep in mind that because of high shipping costs I am not making much for the listings so if using a flat rate box would save me money I will use it so expect that but it will still be the same weight (or a bit more) then you ordered. This listing is for a box/bag full (packed down to get the most inside) of mixed wood sawdust. Please note that there are no chemicals in the wood but there may a slight variation on the color and there may be tiny pieces that are larger than the fine dust because there are different kinds of wood used. My husband's work cuts pine boards all the time and always had extra so he started bringing it home to use in the pans under my rabbit's cages to catch the urine. It works great and takes away the odor. After a while I thought that I would try to find other uses for the pine dust. After that I started calling around to other places around town that were just throwing away their sawdust. I found a place and they don't add any chemicals to the wood they use but they mix the dust from all the different woods they use together. Even though it is mixed wood dust is still very useful. From personal use and research online I have found a few ways that this sawdust can be used:

1. Animal bedding. Animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and gerbils can bed in sawdust. I would suggest before you try this to look up the breed of your animal and make sure it is ok as different breeds have different needs.

2. Dirt, dust, or snow when making models. If you are making a model town, train scene, etc sawdust is useful to use as the ground areas of your model. Just mix with a bit of white paint and let dry to make fake snow for your model town.

3. Use to soak up spills at work or the garage.

4. Use it on your plants to help retain moisture.

5. Mix with a bit of glue to make wood glue.

6. Mix with wax to make small yet long burning logs (great for prepping).

7. Use it in your meat smoker (please note that there are different kinds of wood in the mixture).

8. Use it as stuffing. Makes a great stuffing for homemade dog beds, pincushions, dolls, etc.

9. As cat litter. It sucks up moisture and traps odors for a clean smelling home.

10. Compost worm bedding.

Please note that a lot of these uses are the same as my listing for the pure pine dust I also offer. I just took out the ones that would only apply to pine and kept the ones that would apply to the mixed wood dust. If you have any questions please message me. Thanx :)"
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