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Medium Green Muddy, Dirty, Greasy, Good Floral Doodle T-shirt

$10.00 USD   Only 1 available

How many?

Is that a grease stain on that shirt, um... Yes! That is genuine auto grease from working on an 88 Camaro. This shirt I do know the history of, but can guess that is was a size medium because it fits like one, but the tag can't tell us anymore.

Size Medium-Large but fits like a Medium to Small as interpreted by Timing

It is 100% cotton or a blend, can't tell exactly what anymore."
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My materials are found t-shirts as such you should expect them to exhibit various forms of wear, though I only select t-shirts that feel structurally sound to work with. All of that being said they are still used t-shirts. I reference the original brand name of the t-shirt so you can get a better feel for the size of the shirt. Brands as a whole have a tendency of running large or small.

But If you still find are not satisfied with the fit of your purchase return it in within 14 days for a full refund.

Please do not wear it an entire day and then return it, just try it on. If the shirt is dirty and smelly I will not refund it.

There are so many good t-shirts in the world that have lost their purpose, home and use. Here at Hearts-Fire old cloths get a new breath of life breathed into them. The old boring t-shirt is now cool and inspirational. check them out, if its your lucky day you will find one that happens to fit you and your attitude, a bit of a treasure hunt.



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