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Large Green Camo Purse

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This purse was made out a pair of men's camo cargo shorts. Since I had to cut the cargo pockets off, I used a light green canvas for the bottom support on this bag. All pockets are intact, front an back. I added a pocket within the zipper front closure as well. This bag measures 21 in. wide x 12 in. deep. The front zipper pocket is 5 1/2 inches deep, the front pockets are really deep at 9 inches! The back pockets are flap closure with a button and are 5 in. deep. The strap was made with a type of upholstery fabric that is nice and vibrant & sturdy. The straps from bag to shoulder are 16 in. (32 in. total) There is a hand-sewn snap closure and the inside lining matches the straps. Very long, faux pearl necklace is woven through the waistband and can be removed and replaced with your favorite scarf.
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If you are dissatisfied for any reason, I would appreciate to be contacted first, in order to come to an agreement on a resolution with you directly. Understand that most items are handmade, and are not going to be mass produced/factory quality; though I do my best to perform quality workmanship. I will abide by all Kuttlefish standards, and make every attempt to insure you are satisfied.

*NOTE: If you live locally in the Baltimore City, MD area, I will forgo shipping for an arranged pick up.

My belief is that unused items have another life within them waiting to come out. It is in that spirit that I obtain my materials from a store, here in Baltimore, called "Scrap B-more" that is strictly donated materials. I also utilize second-hand stores, donations from friends, and lot sales on e-Bay.

What do I do with what I obtain? I create mostly clasp-less necklaces, some earrings & bracelets, and some other random things. From clothing, I create many types of one-of-a-kind bags, as I create whatever each piece of clothing provides within it. Transforming one type of clothing into another type of clothing, or another type of item altogether.

Since I have a limited amount of each fabric, bead, thread, and other supplies; each item I make is truly unique in appearance. I use some of the same patterns, but I will never create two of the same items. I also will consider local pick-up of items in the Baltimore Area.



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