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  by:  AlyBond

In Stock. Card Holder ,Upcycled sofa leather, Credit Card Slip, Card Case

$9.28 USD    10 available

Approximately £7.00 GBP

How many?

These card holders are upcycled from leather jackets and furniture leather.

Each one different handcrafted and handmade, all colours available

please message me if you would like a particular colour

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I have been recycling leather into large bags for a few years and get the biggest buzz out of seeing the finished bag from an old well worn jacket, I offer a bespoke service to my clients where they can send me their leather jacket or coat and a choice of lining, either an old shirt or somethng similar. I also carry a large stock of my own old leathers for use if they prefer to choose one I have. Here on Kuttlefish I will be showing you and selling my limited edition small leather items all made from the excess leather from the Chesterfield sofa company and leather garments.



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