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Ready to ship! "Weekend for two" rustic wooden candlesticks.

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Antique Vintage tree - a beautiful natural material which is nice to behold and a pleasure to work with that. Therefore, our store offers to pay attention to the wooden stand under the scented candles that will create for you a solemn atmosphere where you ignite the fire. Candlesticks are irreplaceable on every holiday - on a birthday or a romantic dinner while taking an aromatic bath and during meditation, and of course, a Christmas without these small lights astonishing?

We stand for the candle will surprise fans of antiques because our timber has more than 100 years of age! Wood was aging and acquired its own unique view of the natural conditions that make it quite unique. Each board is able to accommodate up to a 5 candles. This set is made for our store and ready to go to your order in 3 days!

We also remind that our furniture shop makes furniture and home decor to order, so you can order any of the candlestick out of the tree size and color that's right for you. Treat yourself to a holiday that will always be with you!

Candlestick Dimensions:

Length 39 cm

Width 12 cm

The height of 7 cm"
Materials Reused



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