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Knit T-Skirt (M), Made from recycled t-shirts - Primitive Design

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Jersey Knit T-Skirt - African Art (Size M) from our CARAUT Eco-Friendly collection of repurposed clothing

Colors: Vibrant orange, red, gold, green and black.

The front and back panels of this skirt have include the colorful and vibrant African Art design. The sides are created with green and gold knit embellished with embroidery stitching.

This skirt is made from recycled cotton, cotton/polyester fabrics. The style has an a-line shape but is made much fuller for a flattering look. The yoga style waist band is a comfortable folded cotton-spandex blend in black. It will stretch from 26 inches to 32 inches and is 3 1/2 inches tall. The skirt is about 21 inches in length. This is a super comfortable skirt!

Easy Wear - Easy Care!"


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