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Kingfisher Tea light Candle Lantern / Incense, Hanging (British birds)

Metal Hanging Tea Light Holder - Kingfisher British Bird
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Metal Hanging Tea Light Holder - Kingfisher British Bird
Size = H13cm x W8cm x L16cm approx (height with hook = approx 20cm)

Fitted with a flap to the rear or side for access, an incense cone or tealight candle can be placed inside to light up the holder giving a lovely warm glow from inside and projecting a beautiful pattern onto any surface nearby. 

A lovely way to add a touch of colour to your home or garden. 
They are suitable for outdoor use and can be placed around your garden and patio or they are just as well suited inside around your home.

All of our tealight holders are hand made in Indonesia and crafted from recycled metals with hand tools in a traditional way. 
This means each holder will vary slightly, this is part of the appeal giving a uniqueness to each one. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.