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Heater Chair Roadster serie

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The Heater chair is a playful and sustainable seat

made from old radiator, which is folded and welded

into a curved shape. Each chair is a unique edition, which is

numbered and signed.

“After seeing a bashed up radiator on a scrapheap, I got the idea of bashing up other radiators up to produce seats.

My technique is perfectly rudimentary: I place the radiator on two blocks and jump on top of it.

After this, I use a SpanSet to bend the metal and slip wooden boards between the radiator tubes so that it bends in several places.

Finally, I weld the feet, which are sawed on old stools, and spray the radiator with enamel paint using a pistol.”

All of my seats are unique objects of different sizes, weighing between 25 and 45 kg."
Materials Reused

old radiator

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