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Horseshoe cross

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Upcycled horseshoes
Welded into a cross
Painted and clear coated
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Materials Reused


Materials Reused


Hi My name is Cecila I love to create ,I started with making jewerly and selling it I married my husband and we live,in the country on a farm I was looking at a website and I found a beautiful cross somewhere and was hooked my husband welds so i took my idea to him and we started making the horseshoe art with upcycled horseshoes we are adding new horseshoe items and horseshoe nail jewerly I love to make my jewerly as well I use quality beads and metal nickel free metal for,my jewelry
Thanks for stopping by our shop if you see anything and would like and want a different color I be glad to work with you to achieve the color your looking for all our items are clear coated so it does not rust.
Cecila and Michael Smith



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