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  by:  Cangles

Faygo Grape Small Flower Cuff Bracelet

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Attention girls of all ages who are passionate about purple: We've made this with you in mind. Our slender flower cuff bracelet is also eco-friendly and handmade by recycling a Faygo Grape Soda can. The band measures a slender one-half inch wide and has 1/8" silver-colored edging.

A flower with four layers of petals is attached, and the flower itself is a little wider than an inch. The petals may turn, so adjust accordingly to keep your flower in full bloom. The petal edges will not cut. Available in 4 sizes: extra small is 5 1/2" long; small is 6 1/4" long; medium is 7" long; large is 7 1/2 inches long. Most people wear their cuff bracelets right above the wrist bone, but they can be worn higher up on the forearm. It's personal preference. Our recommendations: If your measurement is 5 - 6", order extra small; 6 - 6 3/4", order small; 6 3/4 - 8", order medium; 8 - 9", order large. It's durable yet flexible. Place in desired location on your arm, squeeze the ends till snug. Gently pull apart to take off. "
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