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Famous brand illuminating champagne bottle upcycled into a stunning candle

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We are the only makers that use an 8 stage diamond cutting process that guarantees a superior cut and finish on all our candles.

Rare and unique candles are always available. This is a limited edition illuminated label champagne bottles we have transformed into a stunning candle.

These candles are totally unique and very collectible. Crafted by diamond cutting and polishing a bottle of D.P. champagne then filling it with creamy natural soy wax that has been scented with essential oils.

No need to even light the wick to get light from this. Press a button under the bottom and the label will light up and give a stunning glow. And if you do light it, once used up you can return the candle to be refilled for a very reasonable price.

This wonderful candle will definitely be the talking point for anyone that sees it. On sale at just
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champagne bottle

My Celebration Candles was founded with the environment in mind. By up-cycling used bottles and using only natural wax and essential fragrance oils, we are proud to be green.

All of our candles are crafted by diamond cutting and polishing bottles such as Champagne, Prosecco and spirit bottles then hand pouring the natural wax into them.

Each bottle can be personalised by replacing the labels with ones that bear your own personal message. Perfect as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, house warming and more.



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