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Fairy Garden Set, 3 piece set, includes Fairy Door, stairs and a sign.

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This listing is for a three piece set....a 6x4inch yellow distressed fairy door with a heart, a set of stairs that have been stained a red mahogany then I brush a little red over them. The stairs are curved and turn slightly. Also included is a rustic " shhh fairies sleeping" sign. The sign can be customized for no additional charge.

Note: I am using a different reclaimed wood for the stairs then pictured and the stain I use is coming out darker than in the picture. They will still have the red in them.

Please note: This is not intended to be a toy. Decorative use only.

When I was a little girl my Grandmother had one of these fixed to the bottom of a huge tree in the back of her garden. She would tell all of us and every kid in the neighborhood that it was a magic fairy door and only the fairies that lived in there could open the door. She said that if you put little gifts at the door the fairies would come out at night and sprinkle magic fairy dust on her flowers and that’s how her flowers grew so pretty. We would put pennies, candy and flowers at the door and then come back later and it would all be gone. We would get such a kick.

I forgot all about Grandma’s fairy door till I saw one at a gift shop while vacationing. It was a lot nicer than Grandma’s but not worth what they were asking. I thought I can make that. Three years later I did it. This is my version of a Fairy Door.

Ronda @ WoodenBLING

This entire piece is made by hand, even the hinges and door knobs.

This item is not a toy. Only the fairies can open this door"
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My Little Fairy Doors were made with a garden in mind but can be placed in your home as well. I use reclaimed items whenever possible. I love turning, what some may call trash into a treasure. All of my items are my original designs and made by me or my 2 assistants. My mother and my daughter. I have a great team, the only problem we have is agreeing on the music thats being played while we work.



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