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Decorative 'Love' Hanging Heart with Paper Clay Cherub and Bow Detail

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A decorative hanging heart handmade from several layers of recycled cardboard glued together to give a 'wood-like' effect. The top layer has been embossed with a filigree design and given a coat of white chalk paint and then highlighted with black acrylic. 3 small, individually made, paper clay cherubs and a bow have been added around a small plaque printed with the word 'love'. 3 handmade paper beads painted in white decorate the hanging string which measures approx 18cm. A light dusting of iridescent glitter adds the finishing touch  to the beads, cherubs, bow and plaque. The heart measures approx 9cm x 9cm.
 Perfect to hang in the home: on a drawer/ cupboard/ door knob, wall, bed frame, mirror frame etc., give as a token of love or a wedding favour, or to tie onto a special gift.
Please note, roses are not included.
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Unique items of home decor all handmade using mainly recycled materials - especially paper and cardboard. My small contribution to waste reduction.
The definition of reinvention is to produce something new that is based on something that already exists.
Products include strings of bunting, tin can tea light holders, coiled newspaper trinket dishes, decorated mirror frames, decorative hanging hearts etc.
On purchasing products from this shop you will know that you have saved at least one, often more, items from the recycling bin, which can only be a good thing.



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