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With Cubie we give a completely new function to old discarded ammunition crates. Not only we disarm them of their inglorious past, but we revamp these unloved objects into fully functional item.

To complete the natural earthly look, but also to increase functionality, we have replaced the original lids with covers made from discarded pallets. Because we use the original hinges, screws and locks, these item are made 100% with reuse. And the best part about them is that the inner space can be used to to store books, magazines, remote controls or anything else that would typically clutter a coffee table.

Length: 35cm; Width: 32cm; Height: 40cm; Weight: 4kg; Packaging dimensions: 38x32x42cm.

Shipping cost covers the standard insurance and customs duties."
Shipping This product ships from: Spain
Domestic Ground: $34.88 USD (€30.00 EUR)
Domestic Express: $116.25 USD (€100.00 EUR)
International Shipping  
Europe Shipping Price: $81.38 USD (€70.00 EUR)   
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United States

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Transfoshop is an umbrella name for all of the furniture and design products designed and produced by Transfodesign. Each product is designed and handmade in our workshop in Barcelona, Spain following socially and environmentally friendly methods. We proudly use "waste" in our products!



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