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Crop Circle Towels, Full set of Beach, Bath and Hand towels

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Crop circles have immortalized their place in history as sometimes unexplained and curious wonders. Since the 17th century, thousands of crop circles have appeared around the world. Whether the media-hungry farmer or a media-shy extraterrestrial are responsible for these giant works of art, you can own your own mysterious Crop Circle Towel. Unlike the cornfields, the crop circles will not disappear with the season!

Quite the opposite of flattened crop, these towels are made with 100% Carded Cotton, and Terry Relief Jacquard textile. Quality made and very much unlike the crop circles we’ve come to familiarize with, these towels are fluffy, comfortable, and cozy.

Paranormal specialists have related crop circles to the hypothesis that the Earth is actually alive, and that crop circles are actually messages that are aroused by issues such as global warming and human pollution. By using this eco-friendly towel, you will be positively responding to this memo delivered by Earth herself. Inspired by using environmentally green consumer products, the Crop Circle Towel comes in three different shades of green. The towels come in Green-Yellow (20×29.5 inches), Green Tea (28×39.5 inches) and Forest Green (28×59 inches), each with a different crop circle design on them to represent three different cornfields. You may purchase the set of three fields, or buy them individually."
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