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Cracker Jack tin pendant light

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These lamps, made from various food tins, would hang sweetly over a counter, table, or desk. Or you could hang one in that dark corner where you're always wishing you had a light.

The primary colors on this one are yellow, light blue, and orange, and it has three different, colorful images, as shown in photos. I painted the inside white, to reflect the light softly (even a CFL), and drilled holes in the top for ventilation.


- Measures 8" high by 6" diameter.

- Cord is 15' long with an on/off switch about 2' from the plug.

- Takes a standard base bulb.

- Can be hardwired to your house electrics. Please consult a knowledgeable electrician.

Note: Cord has a warning to use with 60 watt bulb maximum. I believe this is because these cord sets are commonly used with paper lanterns. However, I would recommend using a CFL bulb, if you want more light, which will stay cooler.

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