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Clutch / Wallet / Bag With Keychain By Esayde Designs FURRY

$12.00 USD   Only 1 available

How many?

I have 3 of these bags made of the same, 100% recycled fabric (small pieces that would have otherwise been disposed of). This one is made of a fake- fur material (that I used in a project in 3rd grade!), and is absolutely adorable for all ages!

They measure about 3.5'' tall and 5.5'' wide with a contrasting deep red interior that gives it just the right edge!

Any questions, feel free to contact me!

All profits to to my college fund :)"
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zipper Keyring Recovered Fabric

Using scrap fabric that would otherwise be put into a landfill to make up-cycled, trendy fashion accessories! We are focused on working to make the world a more sustainable (and well accessorized) place! :)



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