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  by:  Winzcraft

Christmas tree upcycling coffee capsule chandelier earrings

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Christmas is coming!

It's time to pick a gift for her!

To have an eco-friendly gift, upcycling coffee capsule earrings is your best choice!

This pair of earrings is made of clean used coffee capsule, add with sparkling amphibole!

The shape is a lovely Christmas tree~

She can wear it to celebrate the Christmas in an eco-friendly way, to help the world to reduce waste!

Here with green and orange colours for you to choice!

If you want to order the other colours, feel free to contact me, I can tailor made for you!"
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Winzcraft established by Hong Kong-based designer Winny Choi in 2013‭, ‬mainly produce light-weighted clay and wool felting accessories‭, ‬home-deco products‭.‬

In 2014‭, ‬Winny studied a design master course in Hong Kong‭, ‬her final project changed‭ ‬her mind on the creation‭. ‬Her project focus on reduce the‭ ‬“waste issue”‭ ‬of Hong Kong‭, ‬the solid waste issue in Hong Kong is very serious‭. ‬So Winny wants to‭ ‬make use of‭ ‬handcraft industry‭, ‬use the wasted material to produce some‭ ‬“upcycling products”.‭ ‬Thus‭, ‬to reduce the waste issue‭, ‬also create the‭ ‬economic‭ ‬value and society‭ ‬value though the‭ ‬“upcycling product”.

Winzcraft’s mission is to use the wasted material‭, ‬add up with Winzcraft’s creative idea‭, ‬to provide a valuable and useful up-cycling product‭. ‬Though the products‭ ‬to project the message‭ -‬‭ ‬“Trash to‭ ‬Treasure”.

Each piece is handmade‭.‬
Winzcraft also provides‭ ‬custom-made order‭ ‬services‭;‬‭ ‬all‭ ‬products‭ ‬can fit your taste and your needs‭. ‬



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