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Birch Fish Reclaimed Deadfall Wall Hanging

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There's plenty of deadfall birch in Minnesota this year after last year's devastating storms. Certain branches and logs have a solid core and beautiful interior rings and accents. Here are slices of birch log turned into fish scales for this one of of a kind wall haning. The background is a red cedar cut-off board rescued from a dumpster outside of a cabin remodel on Lake Minnetonka Minnesota. Am I obsessed with fish? Yes. This piece is 24" wide x 7" tall and has it's own saw tooth hanger attached to the back.
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We make things of discarded things. Particularly wood things and electronic things. There seems to be a lot of wood in the dumpsters and a tremendous amount of electronic gadgetry. I happen to like wood and gadgetry and have been making and re-making stuff for almost FORTY years. Yah, I know... it's a long time to wait for something like Kuttlefish.



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