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Antique Ford Motor Company Mercury key Ring Size R

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Mercury was marque launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1938 by Edsek Ford, son of Henry Ford.. The side profile of the Roman god Mercury – as seen on this ring – was the very first logo of the brand that was used only in the earliest years. In the 1950′s the logo changed to a simple M - known as “The Big M” – and the image of Mercury was discontinued on all makes and models. This ring has both logos! The god Mercury on the outside, and the M on the inside.

This has been beautifully hand hammered and crafted to form a fabulous ring. All key rings produced by The Upcyle Jewellery Company come protected by a clear lacquar that provides long lasting protection to protect your ring and prevent tarnishing. If you would like to send one as a gift we will be happy to forward it with a personal note for the recipient. Our rings come in environmentally friendly packaging"
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