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A Beautiful Unique "Heart" Themed Tropical Hardwood Display Piece

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The iconic 'Heart' shape is recognised the world over as the symbol of love, friendship and empathy! This is a beautiful, totally unique, one-off piece, a hand crafted tropical hardwood sculpture measuring approximately 11" tall, 6" wide and 1.25" deep & featuring a large 'heart' shaped cut-out, revealing the wonderful grain of this exotic wood - known locally here in Thailand (so I am reliably informed by a local Carpenter/Builder) as 'Mai Chak'. It is a very hard, heavy wood & being very dense is extremely difficult to work but the results are well worth the effort! I found several old pieces of this beautiful wood in rough plank form lying around on our land - it was quite dirty and still had the saw milling marks on the surface (which I liked as it added another dimension to the surface). At that time it didn't look to be anything very special until I cleaned it & sanded it to reveal the wonderful colours, grain & texture. I have loved working with wood of any kind since being a mere sapling myself and I'm so lucky that people have liked my work and to be living in a country where there is so much beautiful hardwood readily available to work with! For this piece I decided that rather than sand the surface completely smooth, I would leave some of the imperfections and saw milling marks to show that though the wood is both beautiful & strong, like the heart it is easily scarred if not cherished and cared for.... This item will be shipped via UPS and a tracking number will be provided. Please note that depending on your location, import duty may be payable on some items. Many thanks for dropping by, Greg :)"
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I've been a keen Scroll Saw artist for over twenty years and have a great love of working with old pieces of wood and other materials that may other wise be discarded and wasted.
In my shop you will find unique, one-off tropical hardwood pieces and also a range of Drawing templates, stencils and other items made from off-cuts of Medium Density Fibreboard rescued from a local factory skip.
Many thanks for dropping by,
Greg :)



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