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  by: Emily
26 July 2016

SCRAP USA, a national network of creative reuse centers, has officially arrived in Charm City. SCRAP centers, or stores, collect donations of reusable materials and sell them at discounted prices—typically 60-75% off the retail value—to artists, crafters and makers of all ages.

  by: Danielle
14 July 2016

Upcycling. Not only can it prevent us from adding to the landfills, it can also prevent us from polluting the oceans. A new exhibit, titled “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea,” is the latest effort to do just that. 

  by: Emily
07 July 2016

Upcycled pallet patio furniture may not be a new concept, but we think the examples are just getting better and better. Benches, sofas, tables, name it, someone's made it. In our opinion, the most palatable pallet projects are simple, sleek and highly functional. And, they give us major backyard envy.

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